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The Chosen One

No Fear... Or So They Say

Anakin Skywalker
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"The Sith rely on their passion for their strength. They think inward, only about themselves. The Jedi are selfless... they only care about others."

Born on the barren desert planet of Tatooine, a wasteland of sand and sun, a young slave boy would scarcely have reckoned he was due to become a Jedi. Nor that he was not merely any Jedi Knight; The one of Prophecy, conceived by the Force itself, and said to be the sole individual capable of resorting balance.

Headstrong, exuberant, and talented, Anakin Skywalker quickly ascended to an admirable position among the ranks of the Temple. As both Knight and General, Anakin has proved time and time again that he is apt at his profession. A handy skill in mechanics, as well as extraordinary piloting skills and a fearsome use of the lightsaber have made him a formidable enemy.

But even the Chosen One is not without his flaws. Hardly the ideal Jedi, Anakin too often allows his emotions to take hold of him and steer. His deep devotion and affection for Padmé Amidala; a gifted, benevolent politician; has led him to make an oath of marriage secret to even his own Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. If this is his invisible flaw, then the metal arm that clings to him- remnant of a battle with Sith Lord Count Dooku- remains a permanent reminder of his deficiency.

However, he is no longer the sharp-tongued Padawan at Obi-Wan Kenobi’s side. Having come fully into his own, he is called the ‘Hero With No Fear’ on the Holonet, as his bold strategic style has brought the Republic many victories in the long and weary Clone Wars. That is not to say he doesn’t still have his cheeky wit about him.

Anakin remains loyal to his feelings first, and nextly the Jedi mantra. Most important to him are his relationships with his wife, whom he feels it is his implicit duty to protect, as well as a brotherly devotion to his former Master, and an apprentice’s curiosity to his mentor, the judicious Chancellor Palpatine.

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